Friday, October 18, 2013

another satisfied customer

Received the package this morning, thanks alot man! Will be doing alot of business with you in the future.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

another satisfied customer

I got this email, this past saturday for 2007 Black/Metallic Red Jordan V's: Thanks for the smooth delivery on the Jordan 5s and I'm pleased with the shoe. They fit perfectly and its in great condition, thanks breh. -Xavier

Saturday, June 2, 2012

another satisfied customer

I appreciate the shoes man they came in today n im thoroughly impressed thks again.
prior to doing business the same buyer said this:

heard good things about ur merchandise, pleasure doin business, if its right, ill be doin more business with u, thk u man..

step your sneaker game up from a legit seller and has great feedback.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scam Alert

If your on SC or other websites, do not do business with: KLY13( kyle yeltsin), hes from GA.  He attempted to try and sell me some shoes he had already sold, he didn't get me, Im not as stupid as he assumed, I guess, but anyway, save yourself trouble and dont deal with this lame. Cop sh!t off me, great selection of shoes at a better price then the competition, step ya game up.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DS Nike Lebron VII Low sz 10.5 $170.00

DS Nike Lebron VII Low sz 10.5 $170.00 if pmts snt as a gift via paypal

DS Nike Lebron VII NFW sz 10.5 $190.00

DS Nike Lebron VII NFW sz 11 $190.00 as a gift via paypal.

2003 Nike Air Griffey VIII(G8) sz 11 $88.00

These Nike Air Griffey VIII(G8) sz 11 are from 2003.  These have been worn a quite a bit over the last 9 years.  But they've been worn very gingerly and have tons of life left.  There is slight creasing in the toe box and slight yellowing, but hardly noticeable.  Im looking for $88.00 as a gift via paypal obo.

2009 Nike Air Max 97 sz 11 $97.00

These Nike Air Max 97 sz 11 are from spring 2009.  These have been worn quite a bit, they are in excellent condition, BUT there is slight yellowing through out the shoe.  Looking for $97.00 as a gift via paypal obo

Craiglist Scam

So today, I find out that some lame, most likely, Antonio T (pdxkickz from NT) or one of his jabronis made a fake craiglist listing in his area, Portland for the CDP 5/18 for $200.00 and put my email address down for contact info...thats really rich douche bag, dont be mad that I put on blast after BEGGING me to hold the pack for you for a week, and you never get back to me, and you make a WTB listing for a 4/19 pack on NT.. GTFOH faggot, you are not the brightest tool in the shed, yet you are tool...Dont be mad I put you on blast for flaking...Faggots like this are the reason im downsizing my collection and I hate what the sneakers cultures become...your going to make a fake listing and throw an aim email address on it because you flaked on some shoes bc your a lame..don't be mad I put you on blast after begging & flaking, thats on you B, Im trying to look out 4 real sneakerheads so they know who to and who not to do business wit..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

another satisfied customer 2/25/12

Wats good man, I just opened the box up and I'm very pleased thanks man.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

flakers & BSer's suck...

everyone who knows me, knows i've lost a lot of love I 1nce had for the sneaker culture, because its become a game, full of lame ass hypebeast resellers, who know nothing about the sneakers they are buying, its depressing... but out of love and respect to the real sneakerheads, I will put on blast people to avoid dealing with.... in the last month, i've had 3 people hit me for my already low priced CDP 5/18 pack and all of them flaked...

first Jan 25th

This lame from NT hits me up while im at dinner: pdxkickz

Askin if I still had the pack, if I could post new pix.  I was like I still have the pack, but Im at dinner, Im not posting new pix... I have a perfect rating on SC...Hes like SC is a scam site... hes like sell them to me nxt week on a private sale on ebay, i said no.. I said im legit, look at my website.  So a week goes by, after he asked me to hold them, he doesnt return my emails, but post on NT looking for a DS 4/19 cdp....straight lame, gtfoh you lame...

then this guy Brian( moneyisthemotiv508 on SC.. Hits me Friday( 2/17/12) like I'll buy the pack at $370.00 as a gift via paypal...then hes like i just want the v's when my listing says no splitting the pack... he says hold the pack for him, he got me.. then hes like you can sell the XVIII'S for more then $120.00...fine buy my pack and you sell the xviii for more then $120.00...then hes like ill pay in a few days, then he hits me, you aint gonna get 370.00 for the pack sell it to me for $330.00 wtf B? whats up with these flaking ass lowballers, BSing some of the lowest prices on the internet...gtfoh...whats up wit people say hold these for me, and then never buy? thats why i dont hold for anyone. to many flaking ass losers... Also he said: im just a hustler my dude, could car less about jordans honestly got more dough than youll eva see in your life homie...gtfoh B

Then Saturday the 18th this guy from Canada( hits me askin about the pack, and asked if I would ship to Canada, and I said yeah, but at a higher price, to cover s/h and he gets mad bc the price would be happier bc of s/h, its not my fault you live in Canada B..

Get these 3 bleepin lames the bleep out of the sneaker culture, we dont need you or want you. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sold---DS Rare Nike Air Max Penny I sz 11 $225.00

Sold---DS Rare Nike Air Max Penny I sz 11 $225.00 if pmts snt as gift on paypal. $235.00 if pmts snt regular to cover paypal fees. Comes in og box with hanging tag.

DS Nike Air Jordan XX2 SZ 11 $200.00.

DS Nike Air Jordan XX2 SZ 11 $200.00 pmts snt as a gift. $208.00 if pmts snt regular on paypal. Comes with everything in og box

DS Nike Air Jordan XX sz 10.5 $250.00

DS Nike Air Jordan XX SZ 10.5 $250.00 shipped....comes with everything: og box, net, card;

2002 nike air one mid white/white SZ 11 $60.00

2002 nike air one mid white/white SZ 11 $60.00 if pmts snt as a gift on paypal

Monday, January 23, 2012

only real sneakerheads know about this.

before the internet killed the sneaker game...before everyone had sneaker blogs reposting the same ish over & over...before everyone and they mom made youtube videos about shoes... before all the lames & hypebeast entered the sneaker culture and ruined it... real sneaker heads got these in the mail... whatcha know about this...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2007 Nike SB Dunk Mid 'November Rain' sz 10 $150.00

2007 Nike SB Dunk Mid 'November Rain' sz 10 $150.00 as a gift on paypal or $156.00 regular on paypal. I have only worn these shoes a few times. They are in excellent condition as you can see in the pixtures. These shoes come in og box with spare laces.

2011 DS Nike SB Dunk Low Skeletor' sz 10.5 $120.00---sold

2011 DS Nike SB Dunk Low Skeletor' sz 10.5 $120.00 as a gift on paypal or $125.00 regular on paypal